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Laundry in Chiang Mai

There are so many laundry services in Chiang Mai it’s a nightmare knowing who to choose. Let us try to make it easy: Ems Laundry is the most experienced laundry service in Chiang Mai. We know how to keep your laundry clean and looking good. Our pick up and delivery service was the first in […]

Dry Cleaner Chiang Mai, dry clean or launder?

  Dry Cleaner Chiang Mai: Dry Clean or normal wash.? Now there’s a question that is often asked. Many people request dry cleaning  for items that could easily be hand washed or machine washed saving a lot of money. (and some green house gas) As you probably know, the main reason for having to dry […]

Dry Cleaning Chiang Mai

Dry Cleaning Chiang Mai A good laundry service is hard to find,  good dry cleaning even harder. Here at Ems Laundry we offer a complete service for both laundry and dry cleaning. We are recommended by many top hotels as well as independent web sites such Perfect Homes. To try to make it even easier […]

Laundry pickup chiang mai

Laundry pick up and return services are becoming increasingly popular. A quick search on google will bring up dozens of such services around the world. Some call it pick up and return, some call it laundry delivery. Others will say wash and return or laundry collection and return. Whatever your preferred terminology, Ems Laundry is ok with that. […]

Dry cleaning service Chiang Mai

As always Ems Laundry is ready for your call and looks forward to serving you, for both excellent laundry and dry cleaning service Chiang Mai.

Dry cleaning service Chiang Mai

good laundry service

Good Laundry So you’re looking for a good laundry service? Right, well what is that? There are many many laundries and laundry services in Chiang Mai. Just as there are many massage shops, bottle shops, 7/11’s and of course bars. But what makes a good laundry, and in particular what makes us think we are […]

Shoe cleaning in Chiang Mai

Shoe cleaning in chiang mai where can you go for sports shoe cleaning in Chiang Mai ? Ems Laundry is the simple answer. Contact us here As good as new after the Em’s treatment Check out our reviews  


Laundry pickup and  Songkhran  don’t mix too well. Too much traffic to get through, lots of inebriated drivers on the road, people everywhere, water falling from all directions. Last year we tried to continue with our service but this year we are going to admit defeat. As a result we will close on the main 3 days, […]

Bed sheet problem

  One of our very tall customers has asked us to make a sheet for his bed: Can you help?                 solution