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Ems Laundry |Washdrop |Laundry Royal or

Be very careful which laundry service you choose.

Ems Laundry, Washdrop, Laundry Royal or

There are many laundry services in our city and you should be aware that a certain amount of confusion is being created. Please keep a note of which you use.

Ems Laundry was the first major laundry service in Chiang Mai offering Pick up and return service to their customers. Since 2013 Ems  has been using the domain

Recently other services have started using similar names,    .co     .net    etc

Ems is very easy to contact and talk to. (Not all services have phone numbers.)  We have had some consumers  phone us asking where their laundry is or when their laundry might be returned. Naturally we don’t have answers for them if they used a different service.

Here are some contact details for laundry services in Chiang Mai:

Ems Laundry /      08 2180 1301

Royal Laundry P: 053 117 990 M: 095 1395136


Laundri Laundro 081 162 9898

We hope this information is useful and you ultimately choose Ems Laundry for your laundry service. book now

So when it comes to the question Ems Laundry, Washdrop, Laundry Royal or

Here’s  an independent opinion 

and another

About Ems Laundry


Ems Laundry Washdrop Laundry Royal or , it's a simple choice as the picture shows Ems Laundry Chiang Mai, is ready to serve
Ems Laundry, at your service
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Laundry pick up in Chiang Mai

Laundry pick up in Chiang Mai is available from a few different companies. Who do you choose? Take a look at the reviews for Ems Laundry and you will be assured that Ems Laundry is the right choice. We are 100% reliable because we know how frustrating it is to have a bad experience.  We are on time, nice to deal with, caring of your clothes, and won’t break the bank. See our prices here

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two sidecars outside shop Ems Laundry and Dry cleaning service ChiangMai
Laundry pick up in Chiang Mai

Apart from the obvious ‘wash, dry & fold’ Ems also offers, ironing, dry cleaning, shoe cleaning, small rug and carpet cleaning. A hot wash service and express service, we do blankets and quilts, backpacks, bags and many other items. For a stress free laundry experience book now with Ems

Just incase you really prefer to drop off your laundry we have 3 places for your convenience. We have drop off point at Soi 6 Nimmanhamen (just inside the Punna Appartment complex) we have a small shop in Soi 1 Kotchasarn Lane Thapae Gate (just near Mcdonalds on the fringe of the old city). Then we have our main shop where all the laundry is processed. The address is 277/12 Changklan Road, Chiang Mai. This is the same road as the night bazaar is on. Also Art in Paradise, Shangrila Hotel, Rati Lanna Hotel and Lanna Palace Hotel. We are very close to Chiang Mai Land Road.

But as always our pick up service is renowned for reliability and flexibility. Normally if you can’t be in your hotel or home you can simply leave your laundry with the front desk or in another convenient place. We will be more than pleased to pick up and return to your preferred spot. Payment can be left also, so in actual fact you never even have to see us at all. Book Now

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Laundry in Chiang Mai

garment being pressed in laundry in chiang mai

 There are many a laundry in Chiang Mai. It’s a nightmare knowing who to choose. Let us try to make it easy:

Ems Laundry is the most experienced laundry in Chiang Mai: Over 18 years in the business

Our pick up and delivery service was the first in Chiang Mai, so we have had time to put the correct infrastructure in place.

Ems is on time and efficient with great pricing for the consumer.

Our Laundry is the choice of many of the top hotels which means we are on our toes and always improving our methods.

Ems  has more positive Google reviews than any other laundry service in Chiang Mai. Because we care about giving great service.

We know how to keep your laundry clean and looking good.

Our staff are experienced and well trained.

We guarantee you the best laundry service possible.

Ems has drop off and pick up points for your convenience.

We hope to have an opportunity to serve you soon.

Please Call now 082 180 1303 or email: [email protected] place an order

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Dry Cleaner Chiang Mai, dry clean or launder?

dry clean a pillow?
Wash a feather pillow ?

Looking for Dry Cleaner Chiang Mai?

Dry Clean or normal wash?

Now there’s a question that is often asked. Many people request dry cleaning  for items that could easily be hand washed or machine washed saving a lot of money. (and some green house gas)

As you probably know, the main reason for having to dry clean any garment is because water and soap might cause damage. Some fabrics definitely don’t do well if they get wet. Another reason for a dry clean might be because of a stain. Sometime dry cleaning can remove stains that water and soap just won’t budge.

Why Choose Em’s

At Em’s laundry we are very happy to advise as to the best process for a particular garment, fabric or stain. We have on occasions advised that normal wash or hand wash will be much better. Not so harsh and of course a lot less expensive. This is especially so with shirts. Certainly if it’s a silk shirt then dry clean is the way to go. Truth is that most shirts which are commonly cotton or polyester or a mix will look just as good with a wash and good iron. The shirt will last longer too.

Another example is a feather pillow. Most of us imagine that water will totally destroy a feather pillow, but think about it for a moment, feathers are resilient to water, especially duck feathers.

There are many such garments, bedding and furnishings and the labels will often say normal wash. For what ever  reason a lot of us feel dry cleaning is the better process.

Bottom line: if you want dry cleaning … you’re the boss. Ems is the best dry cleaner Chiang Mai has. However if you ask us we are very happy to advise. Give you a great result and possibly save you a bart or two.

Check our prices

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Dry cleaning Chiang Mai

dry-cleaning hanging at Ems Laundry Chiang Mai
Finished dry cleaning await collection at Ems Laundry

Dry cleaning Chiang Mai

A good laundry in Chiang Mai is hard to find.  Even harder is dry cleaning in Chiang Mai. Here at Ems Laundry we offer a complete service for both laundry and dry cleaning.  Lots of the top hotels recommended us as well as independent web sites such as Perfect Homes. To make it even easier to use our service we will come and collect your items from your home, office, hotel or business and return when complete. Just email or call us and the wheels will be put into motion. Please check us out on Google, Thai Visa, Trip Advisor and the many other websites where reviews are written. We try very hard to give great service at a reasonable cost. Don’t hesitate to give us a try, you’ll be very happy you did.

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Laundry pickup chiang mai

drop laundryLaundry pick up and return services are becoming increasingly popular. A quick search on google will bring up dozens of such services around the world. Some call it pick up and return, some call it laundry delivery. Others will say wash and return or laundry collection and return. Whatever your preferred terminology, Ems Laundry is ok with that. Ems was the first serious laundry pickup  service in Chiang Mai Thailand (as noted by many web sites)and we’re proud of that achievement. We are also pleased to see others following our lead.

Let’s face it competition keeps our pencil sharp and our service as good as it can be. In fact anyone who comes into contact with Ems Laundry is a potential competitor. They see how good our shop is and the systems that work so well and they want to try for themselves. Sadly they are often missing one ingredient that’s essential for continuing success, ‘passion’. Em has been in this industry a long time and that’s because she loves what she does. She loves the opportunity to serve her customers and make sure their laundry or dry cleaning is as clean and well presented as possible. At a price that’s affordable.  Remember, any time you need your laundry to be as good as it can be, just give us a call. Not only the first laundry pickup in Chiang Mai but also the best.

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Dry cleaning service ChiangMai

Dry cleaning service Chiangmai

Looking for excellent laundry and dry cleaning service ChiangMai? Ems Laundry is ready for your call and looks forward to serving you.

side cars 2See our prices

There aren’t too many dry cleaners in Chiangmai.  Ems Laundry is very pleased to offer a dry cleaning service as well as pick up and return service. For items that require a delicate touch dry cleaning might be the way to go. Having said that it isn’t always necessary. There are many fabrics and articles that you might think should go through the dry cleaning process but in actual fact can easily be laundered in a gentle fashion. Cold water or hand wash. We can advise, and actually save money and environment in the process.

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good laundry service

clean towels from good laundry service

Good Laundry

So you’re looking for a good laundry service? Right, well what is that?

There are many many laundries and laundry services in Chiang Mai. Just as there are many massage shops, bottle shops, 7/11’s and of course bars.

But what makes a good laundry, and in particular what makes us think we are a good laundry?

It starts with an attitude. Em started her laundry service after having worked in other laundries for many years. So she knows laundry. Em knows techniques, problems, soap powders, and secrets. Em actually cares about her work and the end result. She cares about the service she offers and the customers response. The level of satisfaction that her business gives.

This attitude is passed on to her staff in training and continual quality control.

A HAPPY laundry is a good laundry.

The team at Em’s are happy with their work and strive to do the best they can and achieve the results expected by Em, (and the customer).

A good laundry is on time

Laundry is collected from the customers hotel, work or home at an agreed time. We try not to be late as we know it’s important. Our customers have better things to do than wait around for the driver to come. More often than not the laundry can be left with reception or a safe place so the customer doesn’t even have to be there.

Laundry is checked on arrival at our shop and all items listed so that it can be re-checked at the end of the process and returned correctly.

Colours are separated from whites and delicate items or unusual items are earmarked for whatever special process they need. Items are washed according to the customers specification, Express wash, cold wash, hot wash, dry clean, sun dry, machine dry, ironing etc.

At the end the checking occurs again to ensure all items are correct and the laundry can then be packed  ready for return by our driver at the appointed time.

We believe we are pretty good and have a lot of regular happy customers to prove it.

Are we complacent, no way. We continually monitor what we do (and also what our competitors do) so that we are at the top of our game and might we say, able to show the others in the industry ‘a clean set of heels’

Look forward to serving you soon


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Laundry pick up and Songkhran


Laundry Pick up: during Songkhran

Laundry pickup and  Songkhran  don’t mix too well. Too much traffic to get through, lots of inebriated drivers on the road, people everywhere, water falling from all directions. Last year we tried to continue with our service but now  we are going to admit defeat. As a result we will close on the main 3 days, 13th, 14th and 15th April of each year. We will re-open when the crazy stuff slows down.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience  and wish you a very happy Songkhran.

Stay Safe  (Chiang Mai tourist police phone is 1155 or 053-247318) more info here

Ems Laundry