Chiang Mai Laundry fast and friendly

Chiang Mai Laundry: Ems Laundry is the most respected laundry service in Chiang Mai as our hundreds of reviews will contest,

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But for those of you who prefer to drop off laundry we have 3 locations:

Laundry Old City : Kotchasarn Lane 1 Alley, Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai.

Ems Laundry Nimmanhamen: Nimmana Haeminda Rd Soi 6, (within the Punna Residence).

Original Laundry Chiang Mai: 277/12 Chang Khlan Road, Chiang Mai .

We Don’t Lose Laundry

By the way at Ems Chiang Mai Laundry we don’t lose your stuff.

Laundry is checked at the start of our process. Items listed: number of shirts, skirts, socks, pants etc. This done under camera so there are  no mistakes. As a result if a customer queries us for a particular garment we can wind the camera back and confirm that the item was or wasn’t with that laundry load.

So believe it or not this can give great relief to the person making the query.

It’s easy to misplace an item of clothing. You put it in a sports bag or leave it in the car. Forget and think “mmm, we must have sent it to the laundry”.

Well with the cameras we can confirm that wasn’t the case. This allows our customer to refocus their attention on finding the item and voila, that’s often enough to solve the difficulty.

We don’t ruin clothes.

With over 15 years experience (actually it’s nearer 18 now) and great staff that pay attention, we don’t ruin your stuff. We have a 99.9% success rate of pleasing our customers. And pride ourselves on being the best laundry in Chiang Mai.