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laundromat near me

Laundromat near me in Chiang Mai .

Before doing your own laundry in Chiang Mai look at our low prices. Em’s Laundry Wash dry fold service will save your time so you can enjoy your holiday. Pick Up & return is FREE.

However if you are still determined to do it your self  here is advice from Chiang Mai Locator

And a reminder from Ems Laundry: 4 things to do before starting the washing machine

It might sound obvious but a few moments sorting through your laundry items can make a big difference to the end result:

1. Check clothing tags

Read the tags thoroughly to determine how the clothes should be washed dried and ironed. Most items will have mainly normal washing instructions. You might be surprised though that you have items that are meant to be hand washed or not dried in the drier. Pay attention to fabric types and colours. Set some items aside in their own “Special Care” pile.

2. Turn clothing right side out.

Make sure none of the legs of your pants, or arms of your shirts are stuck in the garment improperly. If you are washing overalls, take the time now to clasp the latches of the overalls to their proper buttons, keeping them from getting broken, stretched or ripped. If you had any clothing tags that instructed you to wash the clothing inside out, make sure you remembered to do so.

3. Check all pockets.

Failing to check pockets can leave some nasty surprises. We put so many things in our pockets, from tissues and money to mobile phones. Checking carefully can save time and lots of expense.

4. Check for sewing repairs.

Make sure there are not any loose threads, rips, button repairs, or other sewing repairs. If you find any, repair them before you wash the clothes. Washing them with problems will only make the problems bigger. Remember “a stitch in time saves nine”

5. Most obvious of all.

Make sure you have the correct coins for the machines, and some soap powder on hand. There are 7/11 stores everywhere in Chiang Mai so it won’t be too hard to buy what you need.