laundry chiang mai old city

You’re staying in the old city and need your laundry taken care of ? Just phone or order on line to get the ball rolling. Ems Laundry will come and collect, process the laundry and return same or next day.

But what other choices have you got for laundry in Chiang Mai old city.

Well as you know there is a great deal of choice. Pretty much every street in Chiang Mai has a laundry service somewhere. Often they are not always easy to see because they’re combined with other businesses. Maybe in the massage shop, occasionally a street vendor selling food will offer a laundry service. Maybe a guest house will advertise.

They might do an ok job and I guess at a low advertised price, But…… If you care about your clothes you might want to think about it a little more. Book Ems NOW

These “laundry shops” may not be concentrating on the job at hand, they’re busy doing their main task.  The environment may not be the most hygienic for laundry, food smells and other pollutants. A street shop normally hangs the laundry on the road, mmm not the best.

Also, although the price seems pretty cheap you have to evaluate the cost of ruined clothes.

Ems Laundry is set up to process laundry. We have 3 drop off points and also drivers dedicated to pick up and drop off laundry throughout the old city and outer areas of the old city. From the moment we receive your laundry you’re in good hands. We have a more detailed description of our process for you to look at and evaluate our expertise.

Best Laundry Chiang Mai

If you want a great job and don’t want to take a risk, simply give us a call. We are the Best Laundry in Chiang Mai, you’ll be very happy you did.