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laundry chiang mai
Turn dirty laundry into clean with Ems Laundry Chiang Mai
Laundry pick up jsut a phone call away

Book a Pick Up

Phone or email, you can book in seconds, receive a price quote, and our driver will be on their way.

Man on motor scooter collects laundry

Our Driver Collects

We collect your laundry, quickly & efficiently, within 5k of the Chiang Mai old city. SEE MAP

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We Clean

Your laundry will be cleaned by Em and her professional team. Em has more than 15 years experience.

sidecar returning laundry for Ems Laundry

Our Driver Returns

Fresh, Clean Laundry returned on time, beautifully folded & smelling delicious

We Care for Your Clothes

laundrry service chiang mai

We Follow Your Instructions

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We Pick Up & Deliver

pick up & deliver laundry Chiang Mai
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Do You Pick Up & Deliver FREE?

We offer a FREE pick up & Return service within 5km of the Old City. (minimum order 3kg, Outside of this area or minimum weight a surcharge may apply.) Pick up & Return is done between the hours of 8am & 5.30pm. Call 082 180 1303 for collection.

How long does it take

We offer 2 levels of service, normal service is pick up and return within 24 hours. Express service is return within 5 hours

Can I bring my laundry to your shop

Yes, if you prefer it. We have 3 locations for your convenience

When are you open.

You can place an order online at any time. The phones are answered between 8am and 8pm

Do I have to be there at collection and delivery?

No, we are able to collect from your home, business, hotel, hostel, guesthouse. You can tell us where to collect from or leave the laundry with reception. Just let them know we’re coming to pick it up.

When and how do I pay?

You can pay when the driver collects (they will weigh your laundry) or we can let you know the final price later when we’ve weighed and checked everything, this way you can pay when we return. You can even leave payment with your reception or in a safe place if you aren’t going to be around. We also accept paypal.

How do I know the weight of my laundry

You don’t need to. If you can just take a guess to enable us to send the correct transport. We will weigh your laundry at the shop and let you know the cost.

Do I need to sort my clothes

No, we will do that, your laundry is checked, counted and sorted on arrival. Colours and whites are washed separately. You only need tell us if you need a special process for any particular items.

How much is your service outside of the 5km area

It varies according to your location, just let us know where you are and we will give you a quote.

EM’s Laundry Chiang Mai – Original & BEST!

Em's Laundry Chiang Mai is the original and most popular Laundry Service in Chiang Mai! EM's has been taking care of Chiang Mai laundry for more than 20 years. We offer a free pick up and return service to and from your door so it's very easy to use. Whether you're here on holiday, or lived here for ever, the last thing you want to be thinking about is laundry, we understand. We can take care of every aspect of your laundry from pickup, wash, dry, fold, iron and return. We can even dry clean for those delicate items. Laundry in Chiang Mai has never been easier. And don't worry, we do not use harsh chemicals, so not only are we kind to your clothes, but we are sending love to the environment too! But please note, we are very very busy and if you have items that you are especially concerned about or require special attention and process, you must bring it to our attention!
See What Our Customers Say..... Here

Stephen Kum: – 2017/01/25 at 9:50 am :- Great service and customer service We stayed in Chiang Mai for 5 days had our clothes washed by EMS laundry pick up & delivery on time. Thank you so much

Hara: – 2017/01/22 at 11:20 am :- Thank you for the excellent service! Very quick delivery and the clothes smell amazing!! Highly recommended!!

Niäl Ogilvie: – 2017/01/10 at 10:02 pm – Thank you for a fast and efficient service. Nothing lost, everything folded tidy, and all within 24 hours. Couldn’t ask for more!

ABB: – 2016/12/18 at 10:05 am – Fast and friendly dry cleaning service when we needed it most! Pick up and delivery with a smile is a bonus. Thank you for your service.

Jack Davis:- 2016/11/27 at 7:37 pm – I’ve been using Em’s Laundry for 2 years and it’s by far the best in Chiang Mai . Every facet is professionally done. And Em makes sure that as a customer I’m 100% happy . Not one item has ever been lost . The laundry always comes back perfectly clean and smelling fresh . Don’t waste your time with any other service . I HIGHLY recommend Em’s Laundry.



Commercial & Domestic
Wash, Dry & Fold
Ironing (per item)
Dry Clean (per item)
Hot & Cold Wash
FREE Pick up & Return
dirty pair and clean pair shows before and after ems laundry treatment

Don’t Throw Them OUT! Give Em’s a shout !

At Em’s Laundry Chiang Mai, we will make your old sneakers look like new. Lets face it, if you look the part it will make you feel the part (and maybe improve your performance in the process). So remember, send those sports shoes along for the “Em’s treatment’

‘priced from 200 baht, please ask for a quote

What Makes a Good Laundry?
So you’re looking for a good laundry service? Right, well what is that? There are many many laundries and laundry services in Chiang Mai just as there are many massage shops, bottle shops, 7/11’s and of course bars. But what makes a good laundry, and in particular what makes us think we are a good laundry? It starts with an attitude. Em started her laundry service after having worked in other laundries for many years, so she knows laundry. She knows techniques, problems, soap powders, and secrets. She actually cares about her work and the end result. She cares about the service she offers and the customers response, and level of satisfaction that her business gives. This attitude is passed on to her staff in training and continual quality control.
The team at Em’s are happy with their work and strive to do the best they can and achieve the results expected by Em, (and the customer) Laundry is collected from the customers hotel, work or home at an agreed time, we try not to be late as we know it’s important, our customers have better things to do than wait around for the driver to come. More often than not the laundry can be left with reception or a safe place so the customer doesn’t even have to be there. Laundry is checked on arrival at our shop and all items listed so that it can be re-checked at the end of the process and returned correctly. Colours are separated from whites and delicate items or unusual items are earmarked for whatever special process they need. Items are washed according to the customers specification, Express wash, cold wash, hot wash, dry clean, sun dry, machine dry, ironing etc. At the end the checking occurs again to ensure all items are correct and the laundry can then be packed ready for return by our driver at the appointed time. We believe we are pretty good and have a lot of regular happy customers to prove it. Are we complacent, no way. We continually monitor what we do (and also what our competitors do) so that we are at the top of our game and might we say, able to show the others in the industry ‘a clean set of heels’ Look forward to serving you soon