Ems Laundry |Washdrop |Laundry Royal or

Be very careful which laundry service you choose.

Ems Laundry, Washdrop, Laundry Royal or

There are many laundry services in our city and you should be aware that a certain amount of confusion is being created. Please keep a note of which you use.

Ems Laundry was the first major laundry service in Chiang Mai offering Pick up and return service to their customers. Since 2013 Ems  has been using the domain chiangmailaundry.com

Recently other services have started using similar names, chiangmailaundry.org    .co     .net    etc

Ems is very easy to contact and talk to. (Not all services have phone numbers.)  We have had some consumers  phone us asking where their laundry is or when their laundry might be returned. Naturally we don’t have answers for them if they used a different service.

Here are some contact details for laundry services in Chiang Mai:

Ems Laundry / chiangmailaundry.com      08 2180 1301

Royal Laundry P: 053 117 990 M: 095 1395136

Washdrop https://www.washdrop.co

Laundri Laundro 081 162 9898

We hope this information is useful and you ultimately choose Ems Laundry for your laundry service. book now

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