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Good Laundry

So you’re looking for a good laundry service? Right, well what is that?

There are many many laundries and laundry services in Chiang Mai. Just as there are many massage shops, bottle shops, 7/11’s and of course bars.

But what makes a good laundry, and in particular what makes us think we are a good laundry?

It starts with an attitude. Em started her laundry service after having worked in other laundries for many years. So she knows laundry. Em knows techniques, problems, soap powders, and secrets. Em actually cares about her work and the end result. She cares about the service she offers and the customers response. The level of satisfaction that her business gives.

This attitude is passed on to her staff in training and continual quality control.

A HAPPY laundry is a good laundry.

The team at Em’s are happy with their work and strive to do the best they can and achieve the results expected by Em, (and the customer).

A good laundry is on time

Laundry is collected from the customers hotel, work or home at an agreed time. We try not to be late as we know it’s important. Our customers have better things to do than wait around for the driver to come. More often than not the laundry can be left with reception or a safe place so the customer doesn’t even have to be there.

Laundry is checked on arrival at our shop and all items listed so that it can be re-checked at the end of the process and returned correctly.

Colours are separated from whites and delicate items or unusual items are earmarked for whatever special process they need. Items are washed according to the customers specification, Express wash, cold wash, hot wash, dry clean, sun dry, machine dry, ironing etc.

At the end the checking occurs again to ensure all items are correct and the laundry can then be packed  ready for return by our driver at the appointed time.

We believe we are pretty good and have a lot of regular happy customers to prove it.

Are we complacent, no way. We continually monitor what we do (and also what our competitors do) so that we are at the top of our game and might we say, able to show the others in the industry ‘a clean set of heels’

Look forward to serving you soon