Laundry pickup chiang mai

drop laundryLaundry pick up and return services are becoming increasingly popular. A quick search on google will bring up dozens of such services around the world. Some call it pick up and return, some call it laundry delivery. Others will say wash and return or laundry collection and return. Whatever your preferred terminology, Ems Laundry is ok with that. Ems was the first serious laundry pickup  service in Chiang Mai Thailand (as noted by many web sites)and we’re proud of that achievement. We are also pleased to see others following our lead.

Let’s face it competition keeps our pencil sharp and our service as good as it can be. In fact anyone who comes into contact with Ems Laundry is a potential competitor. They see how good our shop is and the systems that work so well and they want to try for themselves. Sadly they are often missing one ingredient that’s essential for continuing success, ‘passion’. Em has been in this industry a long time and that’s because she loves what she does. She loves the opportunity to serve her customers and make sure their laundry or dry cleaning is as clean and well presented as possible. At a price that’s affordable.  Remember, any time you need your laundry to be as good as it can be, just give us a call. Not only the first laundry pickup in Chiang Mai but also the best.