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Dry Cleaner Chiang Mai, dry clean or launder?


dry clean a pillow?
Wash a feather pillow ?

Dry Cleaner Chiang Mai:

Dry Clean or normal wash.?

Now there’s a question that is often asked. Many people request dry cleaning  for items that could easily be hand washed or machine washed saving a lot of money. (and some green house gas)

As you probably know, the main reason for having to dry clean any garment is because water and soap might cause damage. Some fabrics definitely don’t do well if they get wet. Another reason for a dry clean might be because of a stain. Sometime dry cleaning can remove stains that water and soap just won’t budge.

Why Choose Em’s

At Em’s laundry we are very happy to advise as to the best process for a particular garment, fabric or stain. We have on occasions advised that normal wash or hand wash will be much better. Not so harsh and of course a lot less expensive. This is especially so with shirts. Certainly if it’s a silk shirt then dry clean is the way to go. Truth is that most shirts which are commonly cotton or polyester or a mix will look just as good with a wash and good iron. The shirt will last longer too.

Another example is a feather pillow. Most of us imagine that water will totally destroy a feather pillow, but think about it for a moment, feathers are resilient to water, especially duck feathers.

There are many such garments, bedding and furnishings and the labels will often say normal wash. For what ever  reason a lot of us feel dry cleaning is the better process.

Bottom line: if you want dry cleaning… you’re the boss. However if you ask us we are very happy to advise. Give you a great result and possibly save you a bart or two.



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Dry cleaning service ChiangMai

Dry cleaning service Chiangmai

Looking for excellent laundry and dry cleaning service ChiangMai? Ems Laundry is ready for your call and looks forward to serving you.

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There aren’t too many dry cleaners in Chiangmai.  Ems Laundry is very pleased to offer a dry cleaning service as well as pick up and return service. For items that require a delicate touch dry cleaning might be the way to go. Having said that it isn’t always necessary. There are many fabrics and articles that you might think should go through the dry cleaning process but in actual fact can easily be laundered in a gentle fashion. Cold water or hand wash. We can advise, and actually save money and environment in the process.